FRANCISCO MEIRINO “Beyond Repair” CD is out now!

brepairsitoNew solo work for this extremely creative sound artist. Eleven short tracks for modular synth, home made electronics and tape recorders. A true union between coarse substance of analogical devices and voltage of tense electronics. The core of Beyond Repair is the fusion of its contrasts. Permanent tension between chiselling and bare deconstruction, meditation and frontal sound, cold stasis and unstable dynamics. Eleven tracks that run without pause as a single composition that hits like a strong cut-up aggression. An active fragments path irreparable, almost elusive but real sharp in his objectivity. Runs fast and affects the listener on an intuitive level as flashes. A set which stops roughly and leaves the feeling of intuition. It does not reveal, but it makes his little lighting.
artwork by truculentboy. glass master CD on four panel cardboard sleeves. limited to 200 copies.

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for orders: [email protected]

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