Grizzly Imploded, Pale Sister, Sutt and Jabber Garland reviews on VITAL WEEKLY #952

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Sincope is an Italian DIY label, which releases tapes and CDT in limited editions. Massimo Truculentboy Onza who is also responsible for the minimalistic artwork of the releases runs the label.
Pale Sister is a noise project from Italy. The CDR consists 23 tracks and it’s like a race against the time, a race against silence. It’s like a cut-up technic of several moments of noise. Track 13 is a break in the album, with some ear blowing silent moments and playing with the plug of a microphone. Some tracks are based on deformed en destructed dance music surrounded with tons of sounds. The 20 minutes are very intense. This music pulls all the blood from the veins. The set-up of the album is well chosen. It starts with old school power electronics and after a while there is more space in the compositions with some more echo, which give more possibilities to take some distance. Some sounds are really well chosen and too short, like the sound of breaking glass in high speed. The CD-r ends with a penetrating sound and the torture is over. Great release at Sincope.
Sutt is a duo formed in Berlin formed in June 2012. They toured a lot in Europe and Japan. The first track of the cassette (C30) ‘Elementer’ is recorded by a handy cam during a concert at Super Deluxe in Tokyo. The music is fast and furious with a lot of screams, fast drums and noises. The bad quality of the recording gives a private atmosphere and ends with a emotional scream and harmful cry. The other tracks are recorded on the Western Italian Alps. The first track is a beautiful serene song in which the voice of Trolde Christiansen and develops into an evil composition with a lot of aggression supported with noise and fast drums of Utku Tavil. The other track is like scream-jazz (does this gerne exists anyway??). Fast on-going free-jazzy drums, ongoing noises and a never ending rubbish talking and screaming voice. “Vand” is a beautiful composition of voice, which is searching and is guided by some soft noises. The atmosphere is dark and fragile and it’s like a soundtrack of a short movie. Great mix of a fragile voice, edited voices and melancholic abstract sounds. The tape ends with a uptempo beat in combination with electronics and becomes more and more wild and continues in a state of wildness. The two musicians know how to explore the borders of their instruments and melt this together in several atmospheres. Great tape!
Grizzly Imploded is a trio formed by Francesco Gregoretti, Maurizio Argenziano and Sergio Albano. They play highly improvised music with two guitars and drums. The trio released their second release on the label Sincope. The tape (C20) consists of four improvisations with titles like “The light that took complete control of my eyes”, “Scary alien worlds are on the prowl”, “Scratched by the sounds of Timpani to moult in a vortex of colours” and “A shufftecraft weighed down by a layer of honey”. The first improvisation has some more structure, but the second consists of more fragments. Side B starts slowly and some minimal tones and beats on the drumkit. This track is played with a lot of attention. The last one is more dark and slow aswell. Step by step the music becomes more and more intense and full and the musicians create more and more variety in their music. Interesting improvisation tape with four different atmospheres.
Jabber Garland consists of Sindre Bjerga and Andreas Brandal from Norway. Sindre Bjerga creates his music by tape recorders, contact microphones and rewired or homemade electronics. Andreas Brandal is active in several projects and active since the late eighties. He released a lot of albums and tapes worldwide. The cassette Primitive Future is their second release. The first song “Orders From Lucifer” is a beautiful mix electronics, acoustic guitars and some deformed voices at the background. Slowly a crying guitar changes the quiet atmosphere and the composition becomes more and more evil. And side A of the tapes keeps on going in this atmosphere. Drones are flowing away and are disturbed by noises and some receptive guitar notes are joining and give the abstract music some melody. Side B starts with the track “The Woods” some minimal musique concrete sounds. This fragile moment keeps on going and a soft drone is coming up surrounded with some feedback tones and disturbed voices at the background. The abstract music develops more into post-rock music. Same atmosphere in the second track called Catalogue of Diseases, but I like more the compositions at side A in which several styles are melted together.
Anyhow? Sincope has a fine taste and a wide range of several styles in their releases with a high DIY quality. (JKH)

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