SAD CAMBODIA in the Top 200 Tapes Of 2017 by Tabs Out!

SAD CAMBODIA at 40 position in the “Top 200 Tapes of 2017” list by Tabs Out Podcast!

Sad Cambodia in Top 200 Tapes of 2017 list by Tabs Out Podcast

SAD CAMBODIA “First Metheoretical Bulletin” cassette at 40 position in the “Top 200 Tapes Of 2017” list by Tabs Out Podcast!

“One of the most impressive Italian works of the year” Andrea Prevignano (Rumore)
“Sad Cambodia looks like an enquiry, an emotional exploration” Romina Bladoni (Distorsioni)
“What is apparent, is that the ensemble works and shows to posses, even with the limited elements at disposal, several opportunity of future development” Emiliano Zanotti (Sodapop)
“A sort of hallucinated osmosis between conflictual natures and pervasive chemistries” Aldo Chimenti (Rockerilla)

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You can read all the complete reviews about Fist Metheretical Bulletin on the Sincope press page for this cassette ahere:

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