September 2016: Bruital Orgasme, Ottaven, Alga Kombu out now!

HI guys!
the question regarding the future has only one answer… no one know the future, even less me…
But finally there are three new Sincope releases…

sep 2016 release-blog

BRUITAL ORGASME “M├ęthodologie contexuelle” c30.
Fil and Nath from Belgium release their second cassette for Sincope. They continuous to exploring the sound mixing drone, noise, field recordings, ambient with their personal approach. A poetry in designing scenarios introspective landscapes, definitely fascinating. (other infos here)

OTTAVEN “Sequenze per raffigurazioni mentali #1” c36
The second release is a work of Giovanni Donadini with his solo project Ottaven. Under this moniker he explores his ability to approach to time and space in a personal way. A building made of sounds adrift whether it’s rhythmic pounding or ambient loops, all to highlight his technique and his personal view about drone music. (other infos here)

ALGA KOMBU “In Fin Dei Corpi” cdr + fanzine
5 new tracks by this transfeminist postcore band from Italy. A mix of punk, wave post punk and noise rock to express their view of reality. political lirycs, passion and very diy attitude. in addition to music the release contains a high quality pressed fanzine with lyrics in Italian and English, pics, arts, flyer ecc…
(other infos here)

for any contact read here first!

cheers and stay punk! Damn!

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