SIMON BALESTRAZZI “Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus” is out now on Sincope!

Simon Blaestrazzi ultrasonic
SIMON BALETRSAZZI “Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus” CD
Finally out on Sincope the new solo work of this italian post industrial master. Cofounder of historical avant band T.A.C. & Kino Gazz, currently involved into projects like Dream Weapon Ritual and Candor Chasma, this is the new chapter in his solo production.
Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus is composed by 7 tracks of deep drone, field recordings, experiemental electronics and concrete sounds to explore the concepts of numbness and sensorial deprivation.
a great work for a touching poetics of progressive estrangement.
artwork by truculentboy. glass master CD on four panel cardboard sleeves. limited to 200 copies


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