summer starts, news and future…

SUMMER2Well! Summer has just begun and it is hot!
First six months of the year saw the release of the new Simon Balestrazzi solo ambum, “Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus”, an intense and surprising release. To present it was made a little tour. You can read what they say about this album here. However expect new things from him in the new season.
To remember another wonderful Sincope Night in April in Rome with Daniele Brusaschetto, which expect the new album in 2016, and Compoundead, which will be released after the summer a trio collaboration with Simon Balestrazzi.
Mammamiaquantosangue#3 is almost ready (Italian language only, sorry), the new number after eleven years by his predecessor. So many pages with articles, interviews, columns and reviews! Noise punk words to amuse you on the beach!
Reliques”, the new Rotorvator one sided 12 is finally in print and will be ready for you in September. Avant Black metal at the highest level!
Three new great things are in the work for the next sincopated season: a new tape of Belgian duo Bruital Orgasme, with their unique mix of drone, concrete music, and ambient noise; a new Wound release with its approach balanced between drone, impro and noise, will be also a small tribute to one of his favorite post core band; and finally arrives on Sincope Ottaven, Giovanni Donadini solo project, former member of Nastro Mortal and With Love, with his minimalist drone with unique and personal style.
Also remember wich Sincope distro was just updated with many new titles and many others will arrive soon,  you can see all on the discogs page.
For communications, orders and other questions please write to [email protected], we are always here ready to answer!
All for now! Enjoy the warm and the mosquitoes!
We see you in September for continue to strike the world.


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