SUTT “elementer” full streaming on SENTIREASCOLTARE webmag

sutt-650x480For a some days elementer c30 of SUTT, released this summer on Sincope, is in full streaming on italian webmag SENTIREASCOLTARE. Limited to 70 hand-numbered copies, it contains 6 tracks where the various tensions between radical improv, noise, analog electronics and psychedelic meditations are perfection blended to create a fascinating sound, made of frontal impacts and rarefied reflections.
Sutt is an improv duo formed by Utku Tavil (drums & electronics) and Sofie Trolde (vocals & electronics)

More details about this release HERE

listen and for info order and questions write to: sincoperec (at) gmail (dot) com

listen SUTT “elementer” full streaming at:




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