sincopeblogxmasAnother year ends. Another year of noise and sincopated experiences.
This year we made new friends. As the devastating improv noise duo SUTT and their way between catastrophic flashes and rarefactions of rare poetic tension. Or Sindre Bjerga and Andreas Brandal, in their collaboration on behalf JABBER GARLAND, they construct imaginary worlds made of alienating drones in weird decaying. And of course the fantastic jewel that is “Beyond Repair”, the FRANCISCO MEIRINO solo work for Sincope, sounding strained and destroyed, where electronics and sound materials clashand and the electrostatic voltage collides with the deflagrate dynamics of tapes. Other friends are back and visit us. The obscure and intangible entity of PALE SISTER, with its absolute noise, and the scarred guitars and the multiform rhythms of GRIZZLY IMPLODED.

It’s been a busy and devastating year, difficult but fascinating and rewarding.
In the new year that is about to begin new friends will enter in the Sincope noisy circle and other old friends will come back to share their vision with us and with you. New things are now in the finishing straight.
For some time we work to the fantastic new ROTORVATOR release, one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard. Avant black metal at the best! their vinyl “Reliques” will be out very soon. Immediately will be out a new work by the deep and fascinating sound, with its low drones ready to dig in you. All this in the new SIMON BALESTRAZZI solo work, “Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus”. And if this were not enough, know that soon COMPOUNDEAD will return with a new exit to hypnotize and take control of your minds and WOUND is preparing a cassette that will tell of his cold torments.

The beauty is that this is not absolutely everything. Much more is moving, as I said above, new and old friends will be with us in the Sincope’s sound path. You just have to follow us and see how you will feel to be struck by all this. Is all for now. See you in the new year ready to new intense and sudden emotions.
thanks for the support and a big hug!
Stay core! Damn!

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